Ferin Batman by Juju Fresh Beauty&Glow 2-Day Reset Plan

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Ferin Batman by Juju Fresh

Refresh, Light, Glow

Your 2-Day Reset Plan to reflect your health, face and energy 

Successful dietician, Ferin Batman, who prepared a special diet which is Turkey's first vegan, probiotic, gluten-free, super foods and food interactions we used in sugar-free diet program. What do you say to be renewed with the Reset Plan?

This program can continue as long as you want, you can repeat as often as you like. Every day of the week, two days, every day of the week, or the days you specify, you can refresh with the Beauty & Glow Reset Plan.

During the Day: Ferin Batman's special recipe Probiotic Juju will keep your metabolism alive throughout the day.


Breakfast: Blue green freshwater algae, a superb nutrient with abundant chlorophyll and vegetable protein Spirulina Juju will keep you calm with other greenery and stimulate your cells and your skin

Noon: The most beautiful meal of the day is the vegetarian, vegetable, oily seeded Buda Kasesi. A light, fresh and healthy lunch will make you very happy.

Snack: Oil-free, unspecified, unsweetened flavor powerball will save your need for dessert, energy, will prevent starvation crises!

Evening: 18:00 Return to the roots, purify with bioritime content and burn oil. 20:00 Green Love will provide you with nightly needs of your skin and all your organs, refreshing content and awakening with a sparkle of patience.

During the Day: Plenty of water and herb tea. We recommend you the program of course, we have plenty of lemon, cinnamon, mint water and herbal tea. Keep your consumption of tea and coffee limited and consume it without sugar and milk.

Refresh, Light, Glow 

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