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The capacity of our body to store or eliminate indigestibale foods is limited.  The more these waste products circulate in our system, the more they damage our cells and organs. These waste products are called toxins and they could be found everywhere, from the food we eat, the cosmetics we use, the clothes we wear, to the air we breathe. They have a negative effect on us, both physical and menthal. Therefore we should just accept the fact that we live in a polluted world and take care of our bodies and minds more than ever.

You don't really have to make a radical change in your life style. You can either add one green juice in to your daily nutrition, or you can go for a Juice Cleanse for a faster and effective detoxification.

You may have heard about juice cleanses (juice fasting) before. Eventhough it appears to be a trend at the moment, juice fasting is not really a new invention. For centuries people choose to fast for health, spiritual reasons and to get into disciplin. They fast to help quitting a bad habit, fight with cravings and to "restart" their body by resting their body, soul and mind.

In Juju Fresh, we don't like to think about cleansing as deprivation. We like to think that cleansing is giving your digestive systme its long deserved break, buy not consuming processed foods and storing as much as raw vegetables, therefore vitamins, minerals and enzymes possible.

The benefits of a juice cleanse is numerous. Your blood will be alkalized, you will gain energy, feel light and your mind and soul will feel clearer and brighter. You will reevalute you relationship with food and will likely be more picky about what you choose to eat.

Cleanse programmes may not suit everyone. You should only do it if you think that it is the right choice for your body. You shouldn't go on a cleanse if you have doubts. If you decide to go on a Cleanse you should let your body adapt to drinking vegetable juices one step at a time. It could be a better idea to start drinking juice between meals couple days prior to your cleanse, to get your body ready for it. Juice Cleanse is based on a solely liguid diet so make sure you consult your doctor before. Cleansing should not be done in a period of your life when you are physically, emotionally and mentally active. Cleanses must be kept short and controlled.Never aim to do more than your body can handle, as we've told before, it's not about deprivation and starvation.

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