Half Day Juju Pack

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Half Day Juju Pack 

İksir, Yeşil Smoothie, Köklere Dönüş 1, Juju Salata, Powerballs

A full-day liquid detox can make you look scared or maybe your schedule does not fit. On the one hand, you may want to maintain your weight control, balanced diet. Then our half-day detox program is just for you.

In the morning you make a start to strengthen your immunity, accelerate your metabolism with lemon, ginger, spirulina, pulbiber, turmeric, organic honey.

Breakfast: Green Smoothie

Search Meal: Return to the roots 1

Lunch or Evening : Juju Salad

Snack : Lean, unspecified, unsweetened, nutritious and excellent tasting powerballs .

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