Potion 1 - İksir 1

Zencefil, Limon, Pulbiber
Zerdeçal, Organik Bal
7 TL


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Potion 1 - İksir 1

Ginger, Lemon, Chili Pepper, Turmeric, Organic Honey

You do not have to be afraid of winter now. There is an easy way of strengthening your immune system by itself, small power.

It is effective against microbes, strengthening immunity, anti-inflammatory ginger, also important for immune system, anti-inflammatory spice turmeric, metabolism accelerating flake pepper, vitamin C vitamin, effective against colds and inflammations, cleans the liver, helps your body to absorb better minerals and facilitate fat burning lemon and body resistance, combined with the hostile organic honey of bacteria, became a potent potion for health.

When you wake up in the morning, you can consume a watch to strengthen your metabolism or to protect your watch from illness. 

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